More of What You Want

Micro-targeting at new levels — all because YOU control the conversation.

In an age when many feel over-saturated with quick and clever ads everywhere we turn, the challenge for marketers to find authentic ways to connect with people is greater than ever. — And not just connect, but connect in sincere ways! We believe we have an incredible solution. The power of what’s coming with Sweet is found in the ability for everyday users to say “yes” or “no” to literally everything that they engage with. This is important because it builds trust with the user by leaving the power and the control in their hands by allowing them to drive the conversation through their answers. Don’t want us to know? Don’t answer! But every answer is rewarded with sugar tokens, and that answer yields new conversations that only build greater trust as we provide new information and actions to the conversation that aligns with what each fan has already told us. It’s a real two-way conversation.

We harness the power of block-chain technology to leverage simple questions like, “Have you ever heard music by “____” to asking the next logical question of, “Would you like to hear a sample?” later on in their experience on the app. It’s the digital equivalent of walking in to an ice cream shop! Try a flavor, and if you like it, get more of it. It’s sugary. It’s Sweet. And we can’t wait to reveal more about it in the coming weeks.