Rewards = Habit

The power of a discovery and rewards platform to integrate into a user’s daily life.

When you pick up your phone, it’s likely that there are a few key apps you’ll open first. That’s because a combination of your lifestyle and those apps have done an effective job of creating a habit. In his book “The Power of Habit”, Charles Duhigg asserts, “To change a habit, you must keep the old cue, and deliver the old reward, but insert a new routine.” In a matter of weeks, we will be unveiling our mobile app to the world — and we believe it’ll be that new routine. The power and beauty of the app is in rewarding people for things they are already doing every single day — interacting with social media, streaming music, swiping around on their devices… But we’ll give them an entirely new way to do it, and do it all in one spot!

“We’re incredibly excited to bring the art of discovery of new music, athletes, creators, brands, festivals and more through the app. Everyday you can discover something new and earn rewards – giving you two great things to share with friends.” – Laith Murad, Sweet CMO

With the Discovery feature and “The Daily Five”, Sweet users will have plenty of reason to keep coming back every day and engaging with fresh, fun, and meaningful content. The Discovery feature is exactly as it sounds- the ability to swipe through recommendations and brands and discover things they enjoy. The Daily Five is a sampling of what we think is new and/or noteworthy, thus giving users a taste of something that may be outside their usual tastes but they also instantly love.

Duhigg’s assertion is that new habbits come from old points of connection. We’re ready to fire up an app that brings all those familiar points of digital connection under one roof. The Sweet app is coming. Are you ready?