How a Nine-year-old Sang Karaoke with a Superstar

The power of engagement to connect fans and artists.

On February 7th in Mexico city, a nine year old girl entered the compound of Universal Music Mexico, spontaneously climbed on stage with an international superstar, and sang karaoke. When we describe Sweet as a “transformative engagement platform”, moments like that are exactly what we’re talking about.

Jorge Blanco is a Latin American music artist with over 3.2 million Instagram followers and a global fanbase of highly loyal “Jorgistas”. In January and February he released his newest single and then EP, both entitled “Conmigo”, and Sweet was called upon to come alongside team Jorge for these releases. The task was to drive fan engagement and participation, and rally the fan base around these releases.

Here’s what we did, why it worked, what what we can all learn from it:

We constructed a two-pronged campaign centered around User Generated Content and a Conmigo Concert Experience hosted exclusively on the Sweet platform. Jorge challenged his fan base to recreate 30 seconds of dancing from the music video for his Conmigo single. The call to action was to share their own renditions of the dance on social media, and use the hashtag “#conmigochallenge”. Over the course of four weeks, posts were made to his social media encouraging participation via re-posting select videos that fans had recorded, teasing that the reward for the videos would be the Conmigo Concert, and simply saying how much he was enjoying all the dances that were being posted by fans. We used the groundswell of support generated by the UGC campaign to springboard his fan base’s attention over to the Conmigo Concert.

Universal Music in Mexico City then agreed to serve as the venue and recording space for the concert. We used our geofencing technology to target all the Jorge fans that were a part of his Insider community on Sweet and contacted them via email, inviting them to attend the recording for free. In less than 24 hours, the RSVP list was at capacity! This all culminated in the Conmigo Concert on February 14th — the same day as Jorge’s EP release.

In total, the concert was aired exclusively on Sweet at three separate time slots, with viewers tuning in from across the globe. The campaign served up a total of over 10.3MIL social impressions, 900K video views, a 41% increase in members to his Insiders community on Sweet… and the number of actions his fans were doing through the Sweet platform saw an increase of 605%!

The success of this campaign is multi-faceted, but one thing is apparent: focusing on empowering fans and creating experiences makes all the difference. Fans expect promotion to come from the top down. But when it comes from one of their own through UGC, there is a higher degree of trust in the content. In other words, content feels more authentic if it’s from a normal person and not a superstar. That deeper trust translates into higher engagement, a broader reach, and more return.

Music artists work to lessen the metaphoric gap between the front of the stage and the first row of fans. To find ways to brings fans deeper in to their music and experiences. And we think we have a pretty Sweet way of making that happen.