Stream Music, Earn Sugar

New ways Sweet is rewarding fans for their daily actions.

We have some seriously sweet news!

As of February 1, Sweet members now earn Sugar streaming songs on the Spotify mobile app. All a member has to do is connect their Spotify account in Sweet, and any song they stream by an artist that’s part of their platform will translate into cold hard sugar tokens. Whether they listen through the Sweet platform or natively on Spotify… whether they are online or listening off-line, they’ll still see their Sugar balance creep up with every stream, no matter where you are or what you’re doing… you can be earning Sugar for it. And that translates into more rewards and experiences.

Our CEO, Tom Mizone, summarized this platform achievement like this:
“I’m really proud of our engineering team for this integration! The ground we’re gaining on rewarding and recognizing fans for all the value they provide every day to the bands they stream is powerful.”

We’re marching closer every day to the launch of our mobile app, and it’s wins like these that keep us fueled along the way.

What are you waiting for… if you have a Sweet account, start streaming!