Rebel Child, Tenille Arts Joins Sweet

Up and Coming Country Artist Rewards Her Rebel Nation

Maybe you know this already, maybe you don’t, but country music has a long history in Canada. Recently, when CBC Music asked listeners for their favorite (or favourite) country songs of all time, it probably won’t surprise you that Shania Twain had a song at the very beginning of that list. Even though Canada’s country music scene didn’t start with Shania, she did inspire legions of talented women and men to pursue Country and their Nashville dreams. One of those talented people is an artist who, we’re excited to say, has just joined Sweet: Tenille Arts.

Tenille Arts’ story is a country classic: Born and raised in a small town on the western prairie (in Saskatchewan), Tenille’s next-door neighbor noticed her wandering around the backyard, singing a Shania Twain song and recognized talent when she heard it. Tenille’s voice, at the age of just 8 years old must have been something because that next-door neighbor wasted little time encouraging Tenille’s mother to get that little girl some voice lessons.

Fast forward to today, Tenille has released an EP, released an album (Rebel Child), is signed to Reviver Records, and as of this writing, her second performance on ABC’s The Bachelor is just hours away. Her first was back on January 29th, 2018; she sang “Moment of Weakness” for a viewing audience of over 6 million people.

Sweet is thrilled to partner with Tenille Arts to create and launch her Rebel Nation fan community. One of our favorite rewards in Tenille’s Rewards Marketplace: A one-of-a-kind denim jacket, hand-painted by Tenille, commemorating her “I Hate This” performance on The Bachelor. Join Rebel Nation today and get rewarded!