Don’t Underestimate
the Element of Surprise

Secret Concerts, Surprise Albums and an Unexpected Axe

Fans love surprises. Everything from a surprise cover song after an encore call or a surprise guest for a particular song, to a surprise visit… remember that story about Taylor Swift showing up at a fan’s house last year, we crave the unexpected. Truly, the element of surprise keeps us on our toes. Speaking of the element of surprise, last week was an epic week for the unexpected and the astonishing with Sir Paul McCartney pulling off a secret show in Grand Central Station and Eminem dropping a surprise album. And fans can’t get enough.

Now if you are Sir Paul, trying to pull of a surprise concert in New York City, in support of a new album is easier said than done– especially when you’re on the Tonight Show the night before singing your songs with Jimmy Fallon in an elevator at 30 Rock. But McCartney’s secret show was more than welcome as commuters and tourists waiting for their train suddenly heard “Can’t Buy Me Love” echoing through the hall of Grand Central Station.

Eminem’s Kamikaze album dropped at midnight on Thursday, August 30th and shocked Eminem fans and foes alike. But what’s even more surprising – the amount of people he disses on the album and the fact that Kamikaze debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Fans lit Twitter up with high praise for the “Greatest” rapper. The 11-track album is taking the world by storm, more than outperforming his last album, 2017’s Revival in units sold, not to mention delighting his fans as well as the critics.

Here at Sweet, the unexpected is what brands, bands, and artists offer fans everyday. Every time a fan scrolls through a brand community, she has the opportunity to stumble on something new, something surprising: like a just-released music video, a brand new song or a double take reward… a double take reward? That’s when you’re scrolling through a brand’s rewards and swear that you just saw an AXE, and then you scroll back and realize that you are not going crazy, but in fact, the Steel Woods are really offering an axe for 50,000 Sugar. Bands, artists, and brands on the Sweet platform are actively looking for ways to surprise and delight their fans, they do it through the social and injected actions that populate their communities and they do it through the rewards they offer — It’s about keeping your brand memorable and your fans engaged and active.