Welcome Chris Webby

Connecticut based rap artist joins Sweet!

Welcome Chris Webby!


We are excited to welcome rapper Chris Webby to Sweet! A Connecticut native managed by Nick Lippman of Lippman Entertainment, Chris Webby has received over 75 million streams on SoundCloud, 88 million streams on Spotify, and 101 million streams on YouTube. Webby’s unconventional style combined with his refusal to give in to trends in the rap community results in a unique, never-heard-before sound, and keeps his fans craving more.

Webby’s live show combines incredible intensity with authenticity, with a full rock n roll band driving every line and lyric. Though Webby has clinically diagnosed ADD, he is unquestionably focused completely on his music and pursuing his unique style – a testament to the devotion he possesses for his trade. Webby has toured across the nation for the last seven years, making him a seasoned professional – and he is only in his late twenties. Chris is now up to 13 projects, which consist of 9 mixtapes, 3 EPs, and 1 album, and he is far from slowing down – in fact, he’s just getting started with his next album, WEDNESDAY, out December 20th.

Chris Webby adds a fresh element to the marketplace, and we’re pumped to check out the awesome fan rewards he’ll feature.

Welcome to Sweet, Webby!