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Welcome to Sweet, where the world runs on Sugar TM, and brands build social loyalty and fans get rewarded for their passionate support.

Fans Love Sugar TM

…but what exactly is it?

Sugar is the exciting new digital reward token your fans are after, and Sweet’s fully tokenized social action marketplace allows fans to receive Sugar for doing the awesome things fans do. Use Sugar to supercharge your base and let Sweet’s analytics engine bonus the fans having the most impact.  Ready to get started?  Request a Sugar allocation for your brand.

(Fans) Open a Sweet account and start collecting Sugar!

Fans Use Sugar TM

…for amazing rewards.

Sweet’s rewards marketplace is rocket fuel for fan engagement. Populate it with unique experiences, shout-outs, tickets and swag, and watch your fans have fun collecting Sugar for consuming your content, propagating your stories, sharing valuable data, and so much more. Sugar tokens return to your brand as fans redeem them for your unique rewards and experiences.

of Consumers Say…

…they’re influenced by what their friends share and consume online. Your fans are the most authentic advocates of your brand. Harness their social influence, push your content further, get more views and listens, make strong connections, and reach new fans, with Sweet Platform and the Sugar Token.

* Source Forbes Market Source Survey 2017

Rewards Made For Fans

Rap with your favorite hip-hop artist on Skype, be first in line for tickets, or hang on the field before the big game. Sweet’s rewards marketplace is as one-of-a-kind and imaginative as the creative brands, personalities, and artists who power it.

Build New Revenue Streams

Sometimes a reward is so awesome, fans want it ASAP. Luckily, Sweet makes it simple to purchase Sugar and get fans to rewards faster. Sweeten the deal with monthly and annual VIP programs, exclusive content, digital experiences and more.

The Platform

Gorgeous Dashboards

Sweet’s lightweight app seamlessly embeds on your website where your fans will feel right at home. It’s easy to join, and Sweet’s ‘Actions Engine’ aggregates social and other actions providing a one stop shop for fans to collect Sugar. Use flexible theming and custom branding to connect with fans with your own very unique, highly relevant, and personalized experience. Be creative and let your own voice and personality shine. Oh yeah, Sweet is mobile optimized for Android and IOS devices.

Community Leaderboards

Measure fan reach, social engagement, revenue growth, follower growth, and post performance. Create valuable relationships with users and fans, and communicate directly with them through SMS blasts, email blasts, and direct app messages. Manage VIP subscription revenue and Sugar balances. Let fans compete for the top slot individually with optional leaderboards, or team up as a community for a greater cause. Sweet!

Persistent Profiles

Sweet’s wallet platform is much more than a Sugar token repository, it’s a full blown user management system. View your social activity, earning history, and manage reward redemptions. Stay in the know through community alerts on hot new rewards, and exciting new brands and artists joining the Sweet marketplace. Manage social integrations, user profile data, VIP subscriptions, and more. Your Sweet profile follows you wherever your journey takes you in the Sweet economy.

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